SPA :: SPA Resorts


SPASPA today the fastest growing and economically profitable market segment wellness and beauty industry. Competition in this segment is not yet significant, which is a plus. Any, organize SPA-zone on the territory of already existing salon, repurpose already ready, but weak salon or arrange a ready SPA-venture. The main thing to create an interesting concept and conduct professional zoning, providing all the necessary from the standpoint of effective work, SPA-zone. SPA (SanumPerAquam), literally means "health through water".
SPA-world significance of the industry to effectively relax and restore vitality of modern man

Resort SPA and salon SPA these are concepts that are included in the global recovery practice long enough. Origin of the word "SPA" comes from the name of the Belgian city resort, more than 500 years the famous healing thermal and mineral springs, pure mountain air and picturesque forests.

In most civilized countries SPA is part of the so-called mainstream, becoming a matter of course for any self-respecting citizen. Height daily stresses on health in the accelerating pace of city life leads to new SPA-centers thousands of customers worldwide.

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